Exploratory Bike Photography with Matt Witherspoon

Over the past few years, Matt Witherspoon has been expanding his work with adventure brands like Huffy Bikes and various companies. To keep his ideas fresh and current, Matt takes time every year to do exploratory shoots capturing athletes doing what they love. Working on an unconstrained exploratory shoot lets a photographer work out new ideas and find out what works. In the end, creatives who hire Matt can get more current results with less experimentation.

Recently Matt went out to local bike trails in Northern Kentucky with a few friends of OMS and the experienced cyclist Trevor Gay. This was one of Trevor’s first rides since an unfortunate table saw accident damaged his right hand. Matt was excited to document this stage of his recovery.

Over the day Matt tried a variety of lighting techniques and had fun with smoke bombs. Moving through the landscapes and pushing the results, it was an awesome day for the cyclists and Matt alike. Every person worked to try something new and even earned some wounds along the way.

Enjoy the images from the day including some from behind the scenes.