Exploring Smoke Photography

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Smoke photography exploration

Developing Compositional Elements

Product photos on their own can work well with precision shots and excellent lighting. However, adding some attention-grabbing elements can help an item quickly stand out in a busy market. One of the alluring options is to work with smoke and vapor.

Below is a gallery of smoke images that were a part of TJ Vissing’s exploratory shoot. By using basic items like incense and a plain white background, TJ captured some relaxing images of smoke. We then did a little retouching work to accent the delicate qualities.

Helping a Product Stand out with Smoke

It can take a lot of shots to get the perfect parts, but sticking with it will lead to excellent results. Below are images shot for Twelve31, that demonstrate how a liquor bottle can become mystifying with the right elements. It takes the time of photographers and retouchers working together to make visions like this come to life.