Product and Lifestyle Photography for Huffy Bikes

18 shoots and counting.

The relationship between the Huffy brand and OMS Photo has been a lively adventure. From traveling around the country for pristine lifestyle photos to in-studio product photography, this relationship shows what it means to be a meaningful partner with OMS Photo. Starting in August of 2017, our photographer Matt Witherspoon has been capturing the fun bicycles and toys of Huffy and their affiliated brands.

The Goals

Overall, Huffy has been focused on elevating their brand’s product photography and online marketing presence to stand out from the competition. Rather than settling with simple products shot on white backgrounds, they saw the value in getting their bikes out into a real-world setting and getting genuinely amazing talent to represent the brand.

Our photography goals have included

  • Continuing e-commerce style photography on white
    • Including creating rotating 360 images
  • On location product photography
  • A wide array of lifestyle photography showing off the functionality and usage of Huffy products

All of this was designed to make Huffy stand out while listing products with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart; and for use in various advertising media, including digital, print, and video.

The Journey

Our first opportunity to work with Huffy’s team in 2017 was serendipitous. Our reputation earned us a chance to join Huffy on a shoot when they already had an entire video production lined up. We sent Matt Witherspoon to shoot stills during the production of the video. As one set worked through products and talent, they would move them to the other set. It became a unique opportunity to embrace the collaborative nature of the day.

On this first shoot, Matt dove in 100% and took some fantastic shots of kids moving through a rugged warehouse on Huffy’s Electric Green Machines. Matt was willing to go wherever he felt was right, getting covered in filth as he laid face down on the floor to get the most interesting and exciting angles.

The Huffy and OMS team hit it off from the first time we worked together, which led to new opportunities for a wide range of photography needs. Working in the studio, we focused on updating e-commerce imagery and creating 360 images. It wasn’t long before Huffy and Matt were traveling the U.S. to shoot in beautiful settings such as Savannah, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California.

The Continuing Results

“I’ve worked with a lot of photographers during my 30-year career, but Matt’s certainly one of the best! He does whatever it takes to get the shot, works extremely hard, does everything quickly, is great with people (including kids), and is a joy to have on the set. I’m always happy with the results. Looking forward to our next shoot.”
Joyce Bentle
Video Producer / Copywriter, Huffy

Our relationship is anywhere but over. To date, we have had 14 on-location shoots and four studio days, which resulted in thousands of deliverable images for the Huffy team and counting.

We look forward to the continued joy of working with them for years to come.

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