COG’s Website Photography with Matt Witherspoon

You know COG. Well, you probably don’t know COG outside of the packaging design world, but it’s fascinating how much you see this agency’s handiwork when you go shopping. COG is an essential partner for packaging designers. They understand printing methods, substrates, and embellishments like no one we’ve ever met. They bring to life digital design files, transforming them into the tangible. You’ve seen the magic of COG implemented for countless brands, like Old Spice, Crest, OKIOS, and even Modelo (the list goes on).

OMS Photo goes back a long way with COG in our industry, and recently, we’ve completed a project for THEM and about THEM, which feels unique. We rarely get to work with an agency partner without a client in the room, so we enjoyed the opportunity. COG chose our excellent photographer Matt Witherspoon for their latest project to create all-new photography for a new website!

Matt has captured a few office environments at COG in the past. But for this project, he photographed COG’s team portraits and stellar examples of their packaging work! The site launched and looks downright awesome. It showcases the caliber of this fantastic creative team, and we are proud to be a part of the process.

The design for the new site and photography was well planned and fun to execute. The vast design experience of Dale Doyle, one of the founding partners of Holotype Studio, pushed the limits on what a website can look like. The bold lighting and “dark mode” feel of the shoot created a modern look. What Matt found unique is the emphasis on the labels, printing, and product shape. We often photograph a product with and without a label, then use our retouching team to place vector labels right onto the photo to make the final product look as perfect as possible. But with COG, turning those designs into something real and tangible is what they do. To showcase this, we used unique angles of the actual product and label. The results feel authentic and high-end at the same time. In addition to the product photography, Matt also created fantastic portraits of the team. We hope to see COG around the studio more often, and they will always be welcome!

Enjoy this gallery of our favorite images from the day!