OMS Photography Opens New E-Commerce Studio in Cincinnati’s West Side

OMS Photography announced today that we are expanding our Cincinnati location to an additional space within the River Imaging Collective on Cincinnati’s west side. With a stronger business focus on e-commerce product photography, the projects outgrew the main studio located in the Northside neighborhood, where our three-story studio focuses on large-scale photoshoots for national brands.

This new location allows OMS to have a space solely focused on e-commerce photography work, which involves inventory storage, mannequins, photo bays, photo and lighting equipment, as well as a seating area for models and photographers, and a small kitchen space. With global online sales on a steady incline, it’s important for brands to focus on high-quality e-commerce photos that properly portray their products, but that task can be lengthy for brands & agencies to undertake solo. TJ Vissing, the President of OMS Photography, says, “we are excited about the expansion of our main studio to this e-commerce-specific space and believe it will allow us to take on larger projects, more clients, and complete projects more efficiently.”

Krys Hackett, an OMS Photo Assistant, believes the new space will benefit both OMS and its clients. “It used to be hard to keep track of the many boxes of inventory we were receiving without a dedicated space to give. Now that we are in this new studio, our process for tracking, storing, and organizing inventory has been much easier, and will allow us to complete more work in a shorter amount of time.”

Formed in 1989, OMS Photography is a leading imaging and production company that offers full-scale creative services – photography, videography, digital editing, motion, animation, and photo illustration, all under one roof.

Interested in working with us for your e-commerce needs? Feel free to reach out on our website and we’ll get to work!