Our Studio

The OMS studio is located in Northside, OH, just a few miles outside Cincinnati’s city center. Our sweeping 12,000-square-foot building boasts four unique shooting spaces. The first-floor studio houses a built-in cyc wall that can accommodate large sets or vehicles. With its expansive, southward-facing windows, this space is ideal for natural-light image capture. Our second floor has two shooting areas: one large space with a fully equipped kitchen and ample room for clients, stylists and multiple sets, and an intimate, product-focused nook. The third floor features vast skylights which shower it with the sun, as well as an additional full kitchen. It also houses our digital department. The studio didn’t always look this way, though…

In the fall of 2007, OMS decided we needed an upgrade, a space to call our own. Within a week, we had located, toured, and purchased our new home: a 12,000 square foot, 100-year-old firehouse turned historical landmark. It needed a serious facelift in order to equip it with all the tools to support any and all imaginable photography needs while preserving as many of the original elements as possible. Giant wooden beams were discovered and remain exposed, doors that were once personal lockers have been repurposed as a kitchen island, and we continue to use the “hayloft,” a split-story room that once housed bales of hay for horse-drawn fire carriages. Sadly, we had to build an outdoor set of stairs and rid the building of our favorite old-school element, the fire pole. But overall, we could not be happier with our new home.

The OMS Studio