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Controlled and Effective Videos

Let’s be honest. Videos can be a disorganized endeavor. Videographers need to gather a wide range of ideas nestled in conversations, sketches, scribbled notes, and brand identities. From that, they create something extraordinary. Handling these productions require a clear vision for the finish line while collecting every take before moving it to post-production.

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Everything in its Right Place
This is what we live and breath. Coming from a perspective founded in photography, we thrive on control. It’s first about capturing the light and composing the narrative with a keen and thoughtful eye. Next, we dive in using every technological advantage available to repeat our work with pixel perfect precision.

We can shoot video, layer by layer. The extra effort let our post-production process become something extraordinary: layering lightings, props, and more into something flexible and powerful.

Producing a Video: The Basics

It all starts with a phone call or a contact form. Within a short time, you will be talking with our in-house producers and our videographer.

Understanding your vision

The first goal is to understand your concept as far as you know it. Whether your 100% prepared and looking for a “hired-gun,” or not sure where to start, we’ll get everything sorted out.

Areas of discussion include:

  • Subject matter
  • Storyboards
  • Scripts
  • Environments (For example: on white, out in the field, in a bar)
  • Models vs. Real People
  • Audio – music, and voiceovers
  • Post-production needs (For example style, graphics, effects, text,)
  • Video usage and potential reach
  • Budgets
  • Timelines

In addition, we will discuss the video formats you could potentially need. We can shoot in any aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, 1:1 etc.) and output for any screen size you need including 4K and higher.

We might even bring up the possibilities of test shoots and other exploratory options.  When ideas are pushing the creative limits, offering flexible time in the studio can be the best solution.

Our Producers

Crosley Brammer

Hannah McNeill

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OMS photo behind the scenes on a video shoot

Orchestrating the Shoot

After clearly defining the vision and goals will mean its time to pull out the calendars and Rolodex (JK, we use computers). Our producer will organize every talented stylist, models, sets, locations, and even the props. OMS Photo has a deep bench when it comes to sourcing the talent that makes anything possible. We’ll also organize the food and refreshments for the day.

From your perspective, you’ll see most of this when they show up on shoot day. Nevertheless, we are 100% on-board for full collaboration and transparency. If you want to hand pick the models, the stylists, the locations, and the props, our producer will make it happen.

While that’s happening our videographer and post-production team will be planning out all the shots and moves. They’ll have ready-to-go solutions on the shoot date and set up everything in the days leading up to the day to increase productivity and flow.

Shooting and Post-Production

Simply put, on shoot day(s) we’ll be working hard to get every take we need. Since we did our homework, everything should go smoothly. Expect to watch our videographer lead the entire day and collaborate with everyone there.

After the shoot, it’s off to post-production for review, compiling, and editing. During this process, we’ll go through rounds of revisions to bring it to the final video.

Post-Production Areas of Consideration

  • Color improvements
  • Clean up and general blemish removals
  • Special motion graphics
  • Voice over sync
  • Audio selection and sync
  • Text overlay graphics
  • And whatever the final vision requires
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Product photography - green bike helmet with BOA closure system

File Delivery

Solidifying the final product means its time to deliver whatever files and formats you request. Even if you want the hundreds of gigabytes of raw footage, it’s all yours for the taking. However, most people ask for what their specific campaign needs. Don’t forget; we will store the project for years in our archive for future needs and reference.

Let’s talk about your video

Start by contacting us today to schedule a call with our producer and videographer. You don’t need all the answers to start, and they are no obligations to explore your vision with us.

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