What OMS can do for you during COVID-19

OMS is here to help with open arms… from about six feet away.

It is an unusual time. In our prior post, we state our policy on how OMS Photo is operating during the pandemic by following CDC guidelines. Though we are affected by the requirements, our business is uniquely capable of continuing to operate digitally and use our studio on a case-by-case basis. All our employees are grateful for the ability to keep our “doors” open while millions are facing an uncertain future. Nevertheless, to stay safe we are limiting some services while maintaining others. 

This article serves as our current list of services during this time.

Digital Photo Retouching, Animations, and Video Editing Services

One unaffected area of our business is our digital department. While everyone on our team is working remotely, they are still fully capable of accomplishing any project. All digital retouching, photo compositing, animations, and video editing services are still available.

As many people are thinking outside the box during this pandemic here are some ways to use our digital team.

  • Retouching and compositing old photography assets into new designs and promotions.
  • Creating video animations from current assets and stock footage.
  • Re-cutting previous video shoots into new and relevant promotions.

Enjoy some examples here:

A 1703 bottle with smoke before retouching A 1703 bottle with smoke after retouching

Photography Services

Our photography services are limited to shoots that can be delivered by one photographer plus an assistant. All clients must approve work remotely.

This means that product photography can still be easily accomplished. For example, our photographer Monty is shooting the entire inventory of apparel for HUK and Nomad uninterrupted. 

Food and drink shoots can be accomplished in a similar fashion, but we may not be able to offer food stylists during this time which can be limiting.

The services that are the most affected would be our shoots for lifestyle, portraits, and on-location work. Essentially, anything that requires multiple people in constant interaction with each other. All of these shoots must be delayed until CDC guidelines change.

Here are examples of work we can accomplish for our clients.

Video Services

Our video services are affected in a similar way as our photography services, however, many video productions require more people. Therefore each video production will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Our video services are limited to shoots that can be done by our director and camera operator and must be approved remotely.

Most tabletop product videos can still be accomplished.

Production Services

All public statements offer a view of the future where life will resume. In that light, we are continuing to plan shoots in their entirety. It is also OK for all our clients to hold dates for shoots with the possibility of moving them. There are no penalties with us for doing so. Our hope is that when a shoot can be executed we are ready 100%.

Here are the productions services we can still provide

  • Quote upcoming projects
  • Create video storyboards 
  • Build mood/inspiration boards
  • Prop-shop online
  • Create detailed schedules and shot lists
  • Search for talent
  • Virtual location scouting
  • Conference calls 

Many shoots have already been postponed which means our calendar for late April, May, and June is starting to fill up. Please reach out to schedule your shoot or discuss a future project. 

Contact us if you need anything from us or want to brainstorm ways we can help your affected business.

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