Drone Video Services


Come Fly with Me

Drones change the game when it comes to aerial videos and photography. Now unique angles and vantage points are within grasp for everyone outside Hollywood. With drones and their lightweight approach, they open up a world of possibilities. An excellent drone operator can do everything from fly level with cars and people, to flying high above the world. Operators can even fly through indoor facilities. Adding drones to your next video shoots will elevate the final product giving you a cinematic edge.

With one of our newest photographers and drone operator, Rob Butler, we are happy to offer a new creative approach to all our clients.

Drones are not as scary as you might think

Rob Butler is not only an excellent industrial photographer, he brings years of experience as the in-house photographer and drone operator for GE. Our producers, combined with Rob’s acumen means we understand the daunting parts of drones inside and out.

We now are 100% ready for each of the following hurdles for every drone video:

  • Obtaining airspace approval
  • Having the appropriate insurance
  • Following strict safety protocols
  • Firmly understanding the local laws and regulations
  • And most importantly Rob is licensed!

We are even ready to fly indoors inside warehouses and more!

Let’s get started

Once you reach out to our producers we’ll dive in figuring out the look and feel of your vision. From there, we’ll perform a feasibility assessment determining what we can do in the required airspace. Then we’ll scout the location to understand everything before the shoot day, from the best time of day, to the best potential angles. We are sensitive to weather delays and will schedule the shoot date with tentative holds for back up days.

Once the shoot is wrapped, it's off to our in-house digital team for editing and more!

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