Video Production in Cincinnati OH and Denver CO


Video has become an indispensable tool in today's digital landscape, playing a pivotal role in capturing attention, conveying messages, and engaging audiences. It can bring complex ideas to life, seamlessly blending visual and auditory elements to create a compelling narrative. 

As a team of skilled professionals, including directors, videographers, and editors, we recognize the power of video as a medium that transcends traditional brand boundaries and are excited by the future of video and video production. Let us help you bring your brand to life through video. 

Motion Control Video with A Cinema Robot

Camera movements are one of the most significant obstacles to capturing a precise video. Using a robot eases creative constraints and lets us focus on the visuals. A video shoot can now function much like any other shoot at a photo studio. Once we have our moves and general composition accounted for, the team can focus on the fine-tuning of every element that turns it into something amazing.

With our system, every movement is repeatable with precision.

At OMS, we use a Sisu cinema robotic system paired with a fantastic RED Camera. This combo enables our team to execute almost any video idea we can dream. The robot can move at astonishingly high speeds and a slow silky-smooth pace. When paired up with our creative and technical team, we can capture and fly through a variety of moves.

Our Video Production Team

Joshua Bray
Director + Editor

Paul Lanterman
Creative Tech

Nancy Armstrong

Anna Jones
Digital Production Manger

Our Process 

A Sam Adams beer rotating on a turntable with a red camera and VUDU Robotic Sisu System


We start with a kickoff meeting to understand your brand, align on objectives, set goals, and establish parameters. During this meeting, you will meet our in-house video team, including our producer, client services manager, director, and post-production team. From there, we will discuss the story & script and align on a shortlist or storyboards.

Depending on your project and team's needs, the OMS pre-production team will secure every detail to ensure the best shoot possible - this can include:

  • Script Writing/Storyboard Development
  • Location Scouting
  • Securing Location/Permitting
  • Casting Calls
  • Securing Talent/Negotiating Contracts
  • On-set Makeup Artist, Wardrobe 
  • Animals and Animal Handlers
  • Special Effects
  • Set Design
  • Prop Sourcing, Creation, and Design
  • Food Prep, Styling and Sourcing
  • On-set Catering

BTS Robot arm and camera shooting pancakes


Once we have alignment on the approach, we will enter the project's production phase. We'll set up your lighting, on-set sound capture, set, and cameras and prepare the product and/or talent. Whether we are capturing interviews, shooting a b-roll, using our SIJU Robot Arm, or on location, our production team will ensure you have a clear understanding of how the day will progress to ensure we have your project completed on time.

Our team has experience shooting both in the studio and on location: 

  • Drink & Liquid 
  • Food 
  • Products 
  • Athletes 
  • Fishing/Hunting 
  • Beauty
  • In Motion
  • Animals 
  • Hospitality 
  • E-Commerce 

And more - check out our examples above or reach out to learn more about our in-house capabilities 

A BTS of a bottle rotating on turntable with lights and a RED Camera


Once your project is complete, it's time for post-production. During this time, our in-house video editor will:

  • Log & Pull Footage
  • String Out 
  • Add Design and Visual Elements and/or Animations
  • Visual Edits Needed/Clean Up
  • Add Sound, Voiceover, and Music

Our team will share the first round with your team for review and edits. We will then take another pass at the video until we have alignment on the final take. From there, we will enter the final stage of our process - which includes:

  • Color Correction & Grading
  • Final Sound Mixing
  • Package of Final Product
  • Handoff  

Check Out Our Video Profiles