OMS Onsite

Behind the Scenes on a Natural Light Studio Light Shoot

OMS OnSite

The OMS OnSite program is a unique form of insourcing that allows our client partners to have a completely customized photographic experience. Client partners have access to their OMS staff, as needed, and the flexibility to pay only for hours used. 

OnSite services are ideal for companies requiring dedicated employees who will keep up with their production or creative demands. 

With our main studio as a supporting foundation, we can offer our OnSites photography, retouching, production, video capture, editing, and studio management. We take on the responsibility of equipment, insurance, salary, and payroll taxes. 

Check out a few examples of our OnSite studios. 

Procter & Gamble OnSite 

Since 1998, OMS Photography has partnered with P&G to bring to life its most valuable assets: the people and the products. 

Whether you are looking for an updated headshot, visa or passport photo, or a photo/video of your product(s) for decks, testing, brainstorms, or advertising purposes - our on-site team is ready to bring your ideas to life.

We have a designated employee sitting in our P&G Onsite studio, ready to engage with P&G employees at any time during the day, giving them the flexibility to capture one-off projects as needed.