Product Photo Retouching

Great Photos Are Never TLDR

Product photographers know they need to shoot with the next steps in mind for retouching. When they do retouchers shine, and when they don't retouchers save the day.

But above all, photographers and creatives value fresh perspectives. Finding a new style or approach (and embracing it) is essential to keep everyone’s skills up to par. We encourage our clients to share their ideas and challenge us at every opportunity. From the next generation in self-care products to packaged food, sports gear, medical devices and so much more, OMS is at the forefront of the CPG and photo retouching industry.

Product Photography Retouching

Gillette razor Before photo retouching Image Gillette razor After photo retouching Image
Bottles and hand of Tide product before retouching Bottles and hand of Tide product after retouching
Aleve Bottle Product Before Photo Retouching Aleve Bottle Product After Photo Retouching
Shampoo bottles before retouching Shampoo bottles after retouching
Olay product family before retouching Olay product family after photo retouching
Product cans before Retouching Product cans after Retouching
Colorways example - six hoodies with a range of colors Colorways example - six hoodies with a range of colors alternates
Retouching example - olay products before Retouching example - olay products after

Retouchers You Can Trust

When a photographer knows what’s possible and trusts the retoucher’s ability, the photoshoot is executed more efficiently at every corner. Instead of spending time smoothing out every imperfection on a clothing item or a piece of chocolate, the photographer can focus primarily on elements such as composition, lighting, and client engagement. This continually allows our photographers to be confident, yet relaxed on set. Furthermore, this approach produces images that are bar-none in terms of professionalism.

Though we hate to mention it, we’ve had plenty of companies reach out to us to save photos when a photoshoot has gone... less than fantastic. For those who have been left holding the bag, our retouchers are ready to save those projects too.

Some of Our Clients

Product Photography is meant to help buyers better visualize a potential purchase. Providing customers with fully optimized product images is one of the most powerful tools in increasing sales, while at the same time developing your company’s brand. First impressions are everything. With this in mind, our expert retouching team is ready to provide the most polished product images possible.

Meet Our Photo Retouchers

Scott Burchett
Senior Retoucher & Partner

Charles Cronley
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Lisa Cape
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Will Reblando
Digital Retoucher & Artist

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  • Turnaround Time: 2-3 Business Days
  • There will be opportunities to request additional edits
  • Typical price range: $75-$450* per image

*We do such a wide variety of work we have to quote each project. We do not have defined rates. The price will include the first round of additional basic edits.