Social Media Photography Services

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Photos and Videos For Social Media

When photographs shape the way we perceive something, we love it.  We approach social media photography with a single mission that focuses on validating the lifestyle of a brand with its product or services.  Photographers can create compositions that tell a story while aligning with the customer’s choices without sacrificing authenticity. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter visuals are your best tool to get your audience to share a moment with you.

Learn more about our monthly program below.

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Our images and your content schedule

Our social media program is not about creating 100% of your post’s photos. Typically an active account is posting 15-30times a month, and the best brands know a robust social page has a balance of reposting customer stories, creating a down to earth authentic style, and a healthy mix of branded images.

OMS believes that by creating the big hitters, you can confidently raise your brand equity and invest in ads with conviction. We can create unique compositions, photo composites, videos, and animations to fit your needs.

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01: The Kick-Off Meeting

We start our program with a full kick-off meeting to understand your brand, and its visuals language. We want to get to know your customers as well as you do. Then we’ll define your needs per social media channel. With a little planning and discussion up front, we can make sure we are all set up for success.

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02: Choose a Photographer or Open it up to the Whole Team

Select one of our seven professional photographers to grow with you and your brand month after month.  Alternatively, open it up to our whole team. Who’s ever available each month will take the reigns and run with it.

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03: Planning Your Shoots

Once we feel comfortable after the kick-off meeting and photographer selection, we’ll want to start getting into planning our deliverables.

We can approach our shoots in three ways.

  1. Each month you and your team can prepare a detailed shot list that lists each idea and design inspiration.
  2. You can let out photographers use the information we’ve gathered and let them run with it each month. We’ll create the concepts and make it all happen. You can sit back and relax while we deliver.
  3. We can meet you in the middle. Give us general directions every month and we’ll take it from there.
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* Spontaneous Needs *

When a special holiday, a new idea, a significant industry event, or something big happens, you need to post something soon! We’re responsive to those needs, and in 24-48 hours we can deliver a final image to you. With seven full-time photographers and four shooting spaces, we can make it happen.

Start With A Conversation

There’s no pressure here. Let’s talk about your ideas and customize a program just for you!

Fill out the form here and tell us about your social media photography and video needs.

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