OMS Studios

OMS Studios 

OMS has 2 main studios in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Golden, Colorado. We also have 2 affiliate studios in Orlando, Florida, and Dayton, Ohio. Our affiliate studios allow us to work with a wider breadth of creative talent and better service our clients nationwide.

You can learn more about our spaces below. 

All OMS Studios Include

Professional Kitchens

Each kitchen has everything a food stylist or chef would need, including ovens, ranges, ample prep areas, refrigerators, freezers, cooking equipment, fryers, utensils, and more. 

Client Working Areas

Each studio has an area for our clients, with snacks, beverages, high-speed Wi-Fi, and access to high-def screens where photographers can show their work in progress. 

An On-site Contact 

Along with your photographer and account manager, your shoot will have a photo assistant on-site to ensure your shoot runs smoothly. Your on-site contact will be there to answer any questions. 


All of our studios are equipped with a variety of props for your shoot, including items to dress a kitchen, living room, bath room, and dining room setting. If additional props are needed, our team will source on your behalf. 

Storage Areas 

If you need a large quantity of items for a shoot, you can send them to our studio locations before hand. Upon arrival, we can inventory, store, and prep your items before your shoot.

A Closed Set Option

Have a product that requires discretion? We can limit the crew and lock off the set. The entire OMS staff can also sign a non-disclosure agreement. Just let us know in advance if this is something you need.

Cincinnati, OH 

A Turn of the Century Firehouse Turned Studio

In 2007, as we sought out a fresh studio space in the downtown area after more than a century, our goal was to create an environment that instilled inspiration and enabled our photographers and clients to produce their best work.

We fell in love with an old firehouse and a community we now call home just outside the city center in Cincinnati's Northside. 

With its expansive 12,000-square-foot layout, our studio has three distinct shooting areas. 

Fire house studio for OMS Photo

Cincinnati First Floor Studio

Over time, the first-floor studio has undergone several remodeling phases to enhance our capabilities and cultivate the most aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Our first-floor studio has a state-of-the-art modern kitchen will allow us the capabilities to conduct full-scale food photography and videography shoots. We've also updated the space to include room for product photography like e-commerce, 360-video, beauty, lifestyle photography, and videography. 

The most notable feature in our first-floor studio is our Cyc wall that expands the entire room. This built-in feature allows us the ability to efficiently and effectively organize large-scale shoots and can accommodate products as large a vehicle. 

First Floor Studio at OMS Photo

Cincinnati Second Floor Studio

The second-floor studio boasts an open floor plan meticulously designed to accommodate a range of flexible configurations. This layout caters to various needs, offering ample space to assemble custom sets. Our clients tend to gravitate to this space due to is relaxing ambiance and open seating area. 

Second floor studio at OMS Photo 1
Second Floor Photo Studio Kitchen

Cincinnati Floor Studio

The third floor is the smallest of our studios, but it’s flooded by multiple skylights, filling it with a shower of natural light. This makes the space versatile for various products, from e-commerce to food. Due to the smaller space, it’s great for cultivating a collaborative and hands-on approach. 

The third floor studio at oms photo

Cincinnati Digital Department

You’ll find that a separate area of the third floor also houses our digital department. Having a full retouching team onsite means that photographers and clients can visit and collaborate with everyone directly. We can discuss your ideas for shots and understand what’s feasible. It also means that digital team members can come to your shoot and help give input on the process.

Denver, CO

A Modern Shooting Space

Located in Golden, CO this studio was selected and renovated to give clients and stylists the photography studio they deserve. With its central location, our Golden studio is well-positioned to serve the greater Denver area. This space is dynamic and arranged to serve a variety of photography needs. Our photographer Brent Taylor is here, and happily calls Denver his home. 

Golden Colorado Studio
Golden Colorado Studio Kitchen
Additional View of Golden Colorado Studio
Client Lounge, Golden, CO

Orlando, FL

Newly Renovated, Full of Possibilities 

Our latest addition to OMS, our Orlando studio, is home to our photographer Arron Van. Recently renovated in 2020, this commercial photo studio has all the amenities required to execute various food, drink, and product photography needs. Our inventory of props and surfaces has something for every shoot (wood, stone, slate, marble, boards, plates, bowls, cutlery, glassware, acrylic surfaces, tabletop surfaces, metal, acrylic ice, and more).

Located within a short drive of the Orlando International Airport, it's well-suited for agency clients coming in from out of town and locals alike. With its modern designs and fantastic client workspace, it's a real treat to spend the day in our studio.

Orlando OMS Photo studio 1