Drink & Liquid Photo Retouching

Anejo tequila splashing on catera negra bottle - drink splash photography

Retouch Responsibly

In the land of photography, everyone adores drinks and liquids. Liquids are moving subjects that can absorb, reflect, and interact with light. There is even a certain culture and style attached to every drink. It’s a coveted genre for photographers, but everyone also knows photo retouching is where the magic comes to life.

Drink & Liquid Photography Retouching

Rhinegeist Beer before retouching Rhinegeist Beer after retouching
A cantera negra bottle with smoke before retouching A cantera negra bottle with smoke after retouching
Whiskey bottle before retouching Whiskey bottle after retouching
A coffee cup splashing speedway before retouching A coffee cup splashing speedway after retouching
A 1703 bottle with smoke before retouching A 1703 bottle with smoke after retouching
A set of little king bottles before photo retouching A set of little king bottles after photo retouching

Liquids and Photo Composites

On a photoshoot, only the best photographer knows how to capture all the exposures using a variety of lighting techniques and high-speed sync photography. There can be numerous photos that need to be put together to create the final vision. The photo retouching team at OMS Photo knows all of this and after 20 years of working alongside the best photographers in the industry, they have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The composites are what make drink and liquid photo retouching different. Drink photos rarely only a single image even. Even if the photographer only takes a single photo you might still want to use stock splashes, smoke, ice, or ingredients to make it come together. What everyone needs are retouchers who understand the delicate balance of reality and idealism.

Some of Our Clients

Meet Our Photo Retouchers

Scott Burchett
Senior Retoucher & Partner

Charles Cronley
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Lisa Cape
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Will Reblando
Digital Retoucher & Artist

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