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Appetite appeal

Experience taste before the first bite. Food photography creates the engagement every business hopes to achieve. People find visuals appealing, and photography builds confidence in customers when they are making a choice.

Capturing the appetizing nature of foods requires thoughtful consideration of the subject, finding the right photographer, selecting food stylists, and managing the production. It can be difficult to verbalize your vision, but OMS Photo is here to help with everything. Food is flexible, and its photography can be the same.

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Become a part of the shoot

We believe in helping people do their best work, so we welcome our clients on set. You can dive into the shoot with us as we turn your vision into reality. While we are shooting the food and managing the production, you can continue to work on your marketing initiatives. Take breaks whenever it feels right to give your input and direction.

Food is wonderful in its openness to interpretation. You can cook it differently, style it uniquely, and change the environment around it. Feel free to explore different directions with our photographers, but if you know exactly what you want, we’ll deliver.

Send us the ingredients

If that’s not your style, you can simply send us the ingredients or finished product and we’ll handle everything. We will stay in touch, letting you know how the shoot went and where we are in delivering the finished work.

 We can also travel to your location to execute your vision.

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More than Photography

Splashing coffee cup after retouching

Retouching and Food

Photo retouching is essential for foods like chocolate, ice-cream, burgers and more – not to make them look overly perfect or fake, but to enhance them and ensure a fresh, natural feel. OMS has an in-house retouching department with decades of food editing experience.

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BBQ food composed and with sides

Producing a Food Shoot

Food looks as good as you make it. Our dedicated production team helps you plan for your shoot, finding the perfect food stylist, great props, and of course selecting the right photographer to make it all happen – all while keeping your budgets in check. We even have extensive prop storage to store your favorite items (plates, cups, etc.) for a consistent look on future shoots

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Second Floor Photo Studio Kitchen

Three Professional Kitchens

The OMS studio has three main shooting spaces, each with a professional grade kitchen. We take our food photography seriously and have facilities that not only look beautiful but are fully functional for the needs of chefs and food stylists.

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A preview of our made to order food photography. Download this document and feel free to request a high-quality print version today.

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