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A set of Olay whips with beautiful designs - Cosmetics photography

Reveal A Product’s Character

Animating the inanimate requires a mindset focused on details. At the end of the day, a product’s advertising story is told in images. Placing the product in the viewer’s mind as attainable, tangible, and desirable is the core of a photographer’s mission.

By focusing on unique details, a good photographer can elevate any item to look its best. Upon studying the product and working with the team who is marketing it, we get a feel for what needs to be emphasized and how to best achieve that. Proper lighting and perspective work together to bring out the subtle details that bring life to a product. We’re happy to shoot everything including apparel, cosmetics, ecommerce, 360 product, flowers, and textiles.

Dark almond nuggets retouching before Dark almond nuggets retouching after

Handle Prototypes And Product Updates with Ease

Not every product has the luxury of being 100% finished before marketing materials are created. Prototypes can have changing label designs, new accessories, and more. This is another area where our photography and retouching team make a difference.

We can change the labels, work new pieces into the compositions, and change as your product changes. Working side by side, a photography team is another asset to your campaign.

A ski boot on a white background

Overcome the hurdles of every product

Manufacturing and transportation are the enemies of the perfect bottle, container, razor, car, dress, turbine or anything in between. Imperfections are a normal part of life. It’s how we deal with them that makes the greatest difference.

At OMS, we start with the best lighting, perspective, and high-resolution cameras. This tees up the perfect shot to be handed off to our dedicated retouching team. Our retouchers work with marketing teams and product designers to make the image match the perfection that exists in our minds.

 See the Production in Action

All of our clients are welcome to share their opinions every step of the way. You can work with our photographers and retouchers to see all the possibilities for your product. Or clients can just take advantage of an excuse the get out of the office and enjoy our workspaces.

Meet a team of professionals that make a shoot happen. Depending on your requirements you might need prop stylists, set designers, wardrobe stylists, or production assistants. Or you might be good with a clean surface and a photographer to carry out your vision. Every project requires a different size approach. What’s yours?

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