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About OMS OnSite

The OMS OnSite program is a unique form of insourcing that allows our client partners to have a completely customized photographic experience. The client can have the staff they need when they need it and the flexibility to pay only for hours used. OMS offers our OnSite services to companies requiring dedicated employees who will keep up with their production or creative demands but donít want to take on the responsibility of building a photography program from the ground up. With our main studio as a supporting foundation, we are able to offer our OnSites photography, retouching, production, video capture, editing and studio management. We take on the responsibility of equipment, insurance, salary, and payroll taxes; all we ask of the client is to provide a small amount of studio space at or near the site of said client ó ergo, ďOnSite.Ē Working within close proximity allows OMS to quickly and efficiently serve our clientsí needs, whether itís a quick turnaround product shot, 100 professional portraits, or documenting a corporate event.

Here are some of the many benefits to an OMS OnSite Studio:

OMS set up our OnSite at the Totes>>Isotoner global headquarters in 2005. As an ever-expanding corporation, Totes>>Isotoner has continually used OMSís photographic, video, and motion graphic expertise throughout many of their top brands. To streamline workflow, OMS set up a completely customized request system for the client to put in work orders, accessible from anywhere on the web. This also improved transparency so that all parties know exactly what a particular request will cost and the timeframe with which to expect its completion. Photographer Matt Witherspoon heads up the studio, and our flexible staff makes it possible to shift human resources to and from this OnSite during peak workload times.

OMS has been supplying onsite services to GE Aviation for 19 years. We have a combined 59 years of experience specific to the photography needs of GE Aviation. This expertise allows us to offer a number of advantages to the client including familiarity with GEís internal processes, in-depth knowledge of Aviationís immense image archives (which dates back to the 1960ís), and styles/preferences of the many different departments. We have not only followed through with the requirements defined by GE but have also helped develop more efficient work processes, including a billing software program (designed by OMS specifically for GE). The relationships we have developed with our GE clients allow us to predict and serve their needs at a very detailed level.

In 2008, OMS began servicing Under Armourís e-commerce needs. What started as one photographer and two retouchers here in Cincinnati soon exploded beyond the capacity of our main studio. In 2011, we worked with UA to set up an onsite studio in Baltimore, MD, within walking distance of their corporate headquarters. In a yearís time, OMS grew our staff to six employees in Baltimore and eight in Cincinnati, all dedicated to the account.
We serviced all photography and post-production needs for e-Commerce and Accounts Marketing as well as photo and video work for the Brand and Accessories teams.

In 2010, OMS embarked upon a joint venture with Barefoot Proximity (a BBDO company) to launch the DIY/lifestyle website HomeMadeSimple. Created by Procter and Gamble, the site,, is an online platform for individuals to find simple, crafty, DIY solutions using products and tools found around the house. OMS photographer Anna Jones works side by side with talented designers and art directors at Barefoot Proximity to concept and produce original imagery for P&G Everyday. A one-woman team, Anna handles propping, crafting, set building, photographing, retouching, and web preparation for the production.

Since 1998, OMS has maintained an OnSite studio inside the Procter & Gamble global headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. Our photographers are skilled at adapting to any situation, whether itís a corporate event, R&D process, architectural photography, executive portraits, or product archive documentation. We staff two full-time photographers at the OnSite studios, and offer flexibility to augment with production/ photography/ retouching resources from the home studio in Northside as needed.

The GO location is now C1-501    ē    The MBC OnSite is now open - DS3-306
Contact:    Nancy Armstrong    513.983.9216