Happy nurse healthcare worker checking baby's heart
05 15 18 | Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes: A Healthcare Photography Shoot

Capturing the essence of a service industry can be difficult. Rather than having a static product in a controlled environment, you're often up against multiple moving people and parts in...

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BOA blue and white shoe on a white background
05 07 18 | Education
Effective Ecommerce Photography for Your Website and Amazon

Figuring out your website setup and an Amazon account can be a frustrating process. From colors and layouts to following best practices and guidelines, it's all about getting everything right...

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Smoke photography exploration
04 20 18 | Photo Galleries
Exploring Smoke Photography

Developing Compositional Elements Product photos on their own can work well with precision shots and excellent lighting. However, adding some attention-grabbing elements can help an item quickly stand out in...

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