A wine bottle in the middle of beautiful spread charcuterie - Drink Photography
10 16 19 | Photo Galleries
Wine Photography with Sarah Hone

Our photographer Sarah Hone recently completed a fantastic exploratory shoot with white and rose wines. Featuring beautiful pours, charcuterie boards, and vibrant colors, Sarah captured a unique style of these...

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Video Cover - Pancakes with syrup poor
10 03 19 | Behind the Scenes, Video
Brunch With Friends – Food Video Collaboration with Jeff Barklage

Building up our portfolio and collaborating with our clients has created a variety of new opportunities for our video team at OMS. Specifically, our robotic system has intrigued a lot...

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Blackheart Rum bottle and tall glass of cola and rum - Drink Photography
Drink and Lifestyle Photography for Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum

Every product needs two essential types of photography. Photography that shows what it is, and photography that shows how it will affect a user's life. These needs require a mix...

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Smoke swirling around a bottle of tequila and glass on a dark wood background - cantera negra - drink photography
7 Months of Photos and Video for Cantera Negra Tequila

At the beginning of 2019, OMS Photo started working with Cantera Negra. Cantera Negra is a premium tequila brand with an incredible line of tequila but is relatively new to the...

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Beer cheese video cover
08 06 19 | Behind the Scenes, Video
Exploring Creating Marketing Videos for Beer Cheese

Recently, we have been exploring ideas around beer cheese videos to showcase at trade shows for one of our food clients. An exploratory shoot with a specific application in mind...

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07 29 19 | Photo Galleries
Mexico Inspired Food Photography

Earlier this year, our photographer TJ Vissing and the food stylist Jen Straus had a beautiful exploratory shoot with some unique raw foods and recipes. The dynamic and artistic nature...

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Speedway Charity - Children's Miracle Network - 06
07 23 19 | Behind the Scenes
Photographing the 2019 Speedway Children Miracle Network Golf Tournament

This year marks the 9th year OMS Photo participated in and photographed the annual Speedway Children's Miracle Network Golf Tournament. The events of June 10th and 11th were as fun...

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