07 19 18 | Photo Galleries
PICKED: Raw Food Photography with Anna Jones

Taking a break from a busy month of work, our photographer Anna Jones took some down to explore a minimalist setup to food photography. Shoot after shoot with complex setups...

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07 11 18 | Behind the Scenes
Photographing Speedway’s Golf Outing For Children’s Miracle Network

For 8 years running, OMS Photo has had the privilege of participating in Speedway’s annual golf outing benefiting the Children's Miracle Network. This year, three of our photographers contributed to...

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Portrait Photography for Concert Nova

Recently, OMS had the pleasure of working with Cincinnati’s own Concert Nova. An offshoot of the Cincinnati Symphony, this talented local group creates modern classical music, often pairing with other...

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06 19 18 | Behind the Scenes
On Location with Monty Milburn: Apparel and Product Photography

Five locations, Five days, a production crew, and one photographer. Our recent shoot for Cintas’ general marketing materials was a great example of experienced professionals putting their best foot forward...

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Consistent Ecommerce Product Photography for SKT Ceramics

Ecommerce photography requires accurate and consistent images. When SKT Ceramics started working with our photographer Sarah Hone, it was all about upgrading their website images. With over 87 designs, multiple...

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06 06 18 | Photo Galleries
Surreal Food & Drink Photography with Sarah Hone

What started out as a casual idea with a tasty cinnamon danish turned into a stunning series of colorful photos. Our photographer, Sarah Hone, was looking to do something different...

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05 29 18 | Behind the Scenes
Food Photography for Apricot Sun Mediterranean Food Bar

Growing a small business with confidence is inspiring. Recently OMS worked with the wonderful owners of Carmel's Apricot Sun and wanted to share the story. In April 2017, Apricot Sun...

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05 22 18 | Photo Galleries
Preview: A Year on The Edge, Nature Photography with TJ Vissing

In the fall of this year our photographer, TJ Vissing, will be featured in an exhibit about The Edge of Appalachia Preserve. Working with The Nature Conservancy, Rick Conner of...

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05 15 18 | Behind the Scenes
A Healthcare Photography Shoot with Matt Witherspoon

Capturing the essence of a service industry can be difficult. Rather than having a static product in a controlled environment, you're often up against multiple moving people and parts in...

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05 07 18 | Education
Effective Ecommerce Photography for Your Website and Amazon

Figuring out your website setup and an Amazon account can be a frustrating process. From colors and layouts to following best practices and guidelines, it's all about getting everything right...

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