02 19 19 | Behind the Scenes
Our Lobby Has New Mural by James Billiter

Our firehouse studio has been a safe space for creatives since we took it over it over in 2007. One way we get involved in our local community is to...

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Product and Lifestyle Photography for Huffy Bikes

18 shoots and counting. The relationship between the Huffy brand and OMS Photo has been a lively adventure. From traveling around the country for pristine lifestyle photos to in-studio product...

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01 28 19 | Photo Galleries
Apparel Photography by Monty Milburn for Rural Cloth

Sometimes the most compelling jobs come from the most unexpected places. Now and then we engage with a young and fast-growing company that is looking for guidance when creating new...

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An Exploratory Shoot with A Food Stylist, Jen Straus

Everyone at OMS is a creative who enjoys what they do, creating excellent photos. When photographers work with clients they’re often working inside creative constraints to achieve specific goals. However,...

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Exploratory Bike Photography with Matt Witherspoon

Over the past few years, Matt Witherspoon has been expanding his work with adventure brands like Huffy Bikes and various companies. To keep his ideas fresh and current, Matt takes...

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Rock Climbing Photography with Monty Milburn

When Monty has an opportunity to get out of the studio, he’s often out capturing the stories of people exploring life, and this time of year is prime time for...

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09 24 18 | Photo Galleries
A Year on The Edge: Gallery Showing!

Meet our photographer T.J. Vissing this Friday, September, 28th from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Cincinnati’s Lloyd Library. Over the past few years, T.J. and Rick Conner of LPK...

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