A Retrospective with Monty Milburn

When asked to reflect on his last year of work, Monty Milburn, OMS owner and photographer expressed one common theme: gratitude. Gratitude to the OMS family for their unwavering support, acknowledging their crucial role in the success of his projects. Gratitude to his clients (many of whom have been with him since day 1 over the last 30 years) for entrusting him with their brands. And, gratitude for the life that has allowed him to do what he loves, everyday – producing outstanding visual content for the brands he works with. 

In his own words, “big thanks to everyone for allowing me to work with you on some truly amazing campaigns. Here’s to every one of you who make this incredible journey possible” – Monty Milburn, OMS Photography 

While it was difficult for him to narrow down some of his ‘top shots’ from the last year, here is a look at a few that stood out.

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