PhaseONE Camera
Photography Equipment Spotlight – PhaseONE

Today we're highlighting two cameras in our toolbox we use almost every day, our Phase ONE's. Our commercial photo studio is often directed to create something that will be featured...

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A wintery landscape with a river - nature photography
A Year on the Edge – Museum Showing and Digital Download

Over the past few years, there has been one photo project that continually brings joy to our studio. Documenting a full year of the wild beauty of The Richard and...

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Commercial Photography Pricing Explained
Commercial Photography Pricing, Explained

Wait for a second! Hey excellent reader, a lot of users and customer have read this post with delight! Some have found it very long. Here is some info before...

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Nancy Armstrong visiting Ohio University 1
Speaking to the Studio Management Class at Ohio University

Nancy Armstrong, our photographer and studio manager at our P&G studio recently took a  trip to Ohio University. She was invited to speak in front of the students currently enrolled...

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Coffee cup fast motion photography pouring
Photographing Coffee with a Pro

By Brent Taylor Coffee is without a doubt one of my favorite things on the planet. My routine each morning requires a fair amount of time preparing a hot steaming...

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Behind the Scenes on a Natural Light Studio Light Shoot
Does it have to be natural light for food and product photography?

Let’s take a guess Can you tell the difference between the following two images? Take note of the shadows and reflections. Which one is created with natural light, which one...

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BOA blue and white shoe on a white background
Effective Ecommerce Photography for Your Website and Amazon

Figuring out your website setup and an Amazon account can be a frustrating process. From colors and layouts to following best practices and guidelines, it's all about getting everything right...

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