Case Study: Seasons of Smartwool

Explore the evolution of our partnership with Smartwool, a premier outdoors brand.

Founded in 1994, Smartwool was the first outdoor company to create performance Merino wool ski socks, revolutionizing the category and changing how outdoor enthusiasts viewed their performance wear for their feet. Since then, Smartwool has continued to innovate and perfect their craft – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Merino wool because it’s the Merino wool that makes their base layers, hiking socks, running socks, and other outdoor apparel so incredibly comfortable and effective in any condition.

When it comes to showcasing the exceptional quality and performance of Smartwool products, our OMS team of photographers, videographers, retouchers, producers, stylists, and assistants aim to capture the quality of each item with precision and attention to detail. With a deep understanding of the brand’s background and commitment to comfort and sustainability, we aim to create photography that brings Smartwools products to life – season after season.

We’ve partnered with Smartwool to tell their story of quality and craftsmanship through in-studio on-model photography, flat lay photography and styling, 360 video and photography and on-model video capture.

After years of experience in high-volume apparel photography with brands like Smartwool, we have developed a flexible system to fit any retail or CPG partner. Connect with our production team today to learn more about our customizable production process.

All Smartwool creative assets are captured in our Golden, Colorado studio, lead by Brent Taylor.

Services include in this case study:

Account Management, Modeling Casting, Flat Lay Styling, Wardrobe Pairing and Styling, Product Inventory Management, Production, E-Commerece Photography, Product Photography, 360 Video Capture, Video Editing, Retouching, Editing, File Management and Delivery