OHLQ – Pours, Pairings and Partnership

Over the past four years, our partnership with an exceptionally talented group has brought to fruition the creative visions of our clients at OHLQ. This collaboration showcases the power of teamwork, detailed planning, and unwavering commitment to a vision. It remains among the most cherished projects for our OMS team, eagerly anticipated every quarter.

Given the project’s magnitude, for efficiency, we typically operate two sets simultaneously. Each shot or setup is meticulously planned to optimize our time, with every team poised to apply their specialized skills at a moment’s notice. From lighting and propping to preparation, refinement, and capturing, the process has evolved into a finely tuned creative engine.

This method enables us to double our content output in half the time, necessitating dedicated teams for each set. The team comprises:

Production: Nancy Armstrong

Creative Direction & Strategy: Sarah Spring and Roger Pinnick

Prop Styling and Planning: Marci Rhodes 

Photography: TJ Vissing and Sarah Hone

Videography : Josh Bray  

Photography Assistant: Krys Hackett and Delaney McQuown

Food Styling: Melissa Mileto and Jeffery Martin 

Creative Agency: Hart 

Web Design & Development: Willow Tree 

Studio Rental and Space: OHD Studios, Columbus

Craft Services: Doc Hay

Here is a BTS look at our latest OHLQ project: