OMS / Polkadog Treatment

Polkadog Bakery & OMS

We are excited about the possibility of working together. We understand you are in the process of re-establishing and setting the tone for your brand, and we'd love to be a part of it. 

Based on our conversation, we believe we have an approach that will be both effective and efficient for fulfilling your photography needs and helping rebuild your brand. 

We are proposing a monthly content plan/engagement consisting of: 

- eCommerce (on white photography) for website and packaging 

- Flavor Cue shots for website and social 

- Lifestyle shots for website, social, and brand-building 

If you are aligned, we'll establish a cadence for photography that feels right for your team and deliver the final assets, cut to spec, monthly. 

The Process & Pricing 


Monthly (or bi-monthly, depending on the creative need) the Polkadog and OMS teams will meet to establish the priority shots and finalize the shotlist. Estimates will be provided before work starts to ensure alignment on the final costs. 

The photographer will work with the Polkadog marketing team to ensure: 

- Visual consistency for your brand

- Capture Polkadog's essence by translating it's ethos into images

- Create storytelling tools for a comprehensive library of assets across all customer touchpoints


-- eCommerce (on white) - $150/shot 

-- Flavor Cues - $250/shot* 

-- Lifestyle full-day, one-location session (includes one dog talent and two models) - $5,000* 

To offer this reduced bulk rate, we must secure at least eight shots across eCommerce and Flavor Cues, either monthly or bi-monthly. If that feels outside of your budget, we'd be happy to provide updated pricing for one-off shots/sessions. 

*Flavor cues and lifestyle sessions may require props/ingredients - this will be charged back to the client with a 20% markup for production costs associated with scouring the items 

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