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The OMS Production Process 

With over 30 years of experience working with high-volume apparel brands, OMS has established an effective and efficiently streamlined system that is flexible and scalable to our client's unique needs. The customizable OMS Quick Base system allows us to check in items and track them through prep, steaming, photography, retouching, file delivery, and shipping back the item.

Below, you will find a breakdown of the step-by-step process: 

- Client to provide OMS with shipment information, including shipment contents, number of garments, and product numbers/UPCs. 

- Upon arrival, the OMS team will use the product numbers/UPCs to tag and track each item through our system. 

- The OMS team will then plan and book shot days to accommodate the size of the incoming shipment. 

- Once our photographer captures each product as specified, they send the files to the OMS retouching team. 

- The in-house retouching team edits the files to the client's specifications and works directly with the client to gather feedback and/or edits. 

- The OMS production team will deliver the final files through the client's DAM directly via FTP or WeTransfer once the final assets are approved. 

- Once the final assets are delivered, the OMS team sends back items to the client exactly as received. Through our system, clients can know which products are being returned in each shipment box. 

Each step of this journey is visible in our QuickBase system. You'll even be able to preview thumbnails of each product item.

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