Photo Retouching Services

Cutting-Edge Retouching Services 

OMS rises to visual challenges, continuously striving for excellence. Acknowledging that a photo only captures 90% of the desired impact, our in-house digital retouchers fill the remaining 10% to achieve your desired creative outcome. 

From general products, packaging, people, drink & liquid, and food retouching services to comprehensive photo compositing, our team is ready for the task. 


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Gillette razor Before photo retouching Image Gillette razor After photo retouching Image
Bottles and hand of Tide product before retouching Bottles and hand of Tide product after retouching
kia= Kia After photo retouching Image

Behind the Scenes: Exposing the Talent of the Retouching Team 

Photo retouching often carries an air of mystery, leaving some uncertain about the time required and the process of transforming a vague concept into a polished design. However, our dedicated digital team is here to dispel these uncertainties and assist you in navigating these challenges. They will guide you through the journey, clarifying how they can transform your vision. 

Improving Design Communication

With an in-house team, our retouchers have the freedom to engage in direct communication with both photographers and clients. Prior to and during photoshoots, they have the opportunity to hear the client's vision firsthand, collaborate with the photographer on necessary edits, and often begin working on initial proofs and mock-ups while clients are still present on set.

The communication doesn't end there. OMS employs a user-friendly proofing program, ensuring clients can effortlessly request changes. We are committed to going through multiple rounds of revisions until everyone involved is fully satisfied. This collaborative approach allows clients to gain insights into the ideas and processes behind their projects. By fostering transparent involvement from all parties, we strive to achieve the best possible end result.

Skin beauty retouching before Skin beauty retouching after
Man wearing gear climbing into a canyon before retouching Man wearing gear climbing into a canyon after retouching
evironmental room clean up before retouching evironmental room clean up before retouching
Water splashing with cucumbers and pepper

Forward Thinking Shots: Capturing with Future Steps in Mind 

When a photographer understands the retoucher's capabilities and trusts their expertise, the entire shoot experience is transformed. Rather than obsessing over every imperfection on a chocolate piece, the photographer can focus on crucial elements like composition, lighting, and client engagement. This dynamic enables our photographers to exude confidence and a relaxed demeanor on set, fostering an environment conducive to capturing outstanding imagery.

Retouching | GoodPop Ice Cream Bar Before photo retouching Retouching | GoodPop Ice Cream Bar After photo retouching
Retouching | Hershey's Pretzel Peanut Chocolate Before photo retouching Retouching | Hershey's Pretzel Peanut Chocolate After photo retouching
Before retouching food photography chocolate strawberry Before retouching food photography chocolate strawberry
Cherry CPG photo Before retouching Cherry CPG photo after retouching

A Visionary Team Effort

We are lucky to have a team of retouchers who have been working in the photography industry for over a decade, and some have been using Photoshop since its infancy. Our collaborative team leverages each member's unique skills and leans on one another to achieve the best possible outcome for every project. This collaborative spirit empowers us to bring even the most extraordinary visions to life. 

Rather than imposing artificial illusions, we prioritize working closely with photographers to capture natural elements and lighting. Through this meticulous attention to detail, we achieve a natural and authentic end result that all parties are happy with. 

Above all, we value fresh perspectives. We understand the importance of continually discovering new styles and approaches to enhance our skills. We actively encourage our clients to share their ideas and challenge the team, seizing every opportunity for growth and opportunity. 

A coffee cup splashing speedway before retouching A coffee cup splashing speedway after retouching
Rhinegeist Beer before retouching Rhinegeist Beer after retouching

Our Photo Retouchers

Scott Burchett
Senior Retoucher & Partner

Charles Cronley
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Lisa Cape
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Will Reblando
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Jack Sullivan
Digital Retoucher & Artist

A martini being poured into a clear glass - drink photography