Commercial & Advertising Photographers

Our OMS Photographers

Commercial photography is what we do. It’s our bread and butter. What makes our high-end photos stand out is that we’re a collective of diverse and experienced talent. We employ seven full-time photographers, all with areas of general expertise, while each one has a sweet spot that they love. We have experience in beauty, product, food, e-comm; virtually every commercial category and application has been shot by our team. Our skills benefit our clients by offering incredible range and flexibility in not only talent but in booking studio or location time, as well as the ability to fit virtually any budget.

Meet the OMS photographers

TJ Vissing

Shoots with his left eye

If we had to pick one word to sum up TJ’s presence both on and off of set it would be unflappable. His ability to calmly take in any situation yet remain fully in charge is second to none. Partner that cool composure with the magic tricks he performs with light and lens, and TJ Vissing is the complete package. Just don’t ask him to go on location…

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Monty Milburn

The “M” of OMS

Let’s say you’re looking for someone with exceptional creative vision paired with acute attention to detail and awareness for post-capture capabilities. Monty is all of that and more. He brings the exact same level of dedication and professionalism to every job, whether it’s a pro-bono portrait or an ad campaign for a top global brand. After 30 years of doing CPG, he’s expanded into the outdoor space too. And on a personal note, around the studio, he’s Papa Bear. We couldn’t imagine this place without him.

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Matt Witherspoon

This dude is up for anything. Seriously. Whether it’s human subjects, product, in-studio, or on location, Matt will dive in whole hog. He revels in the collaborative aspect of shoots and understands when to lend his opinion or let the client take the lead. This can be said for many in the profession but is especially true for Matt: his passion for photography runs deep, and it shows how seriously he takes on each project. It works because it’s personal.

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Brent Taylor

Brent possesses the gift of an East coast aesthetic combined with a Midwestern desire to get it right. Which is funny, because he’s based out West! Always seeking new challenges, Brent relocated from our NYC studio to Denver a few years back. He treats every job as if it’s destined for his portfolio, and holds himself to the highest of standards.

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Anna Jones

It’s hard to say what’s most awesome about Anna, but that may be because everything about her is so awesome. Self-sufficient, hard-working, and humble to her core, Anna brings an abundance of artistic ability without an ounce of attitude. There’s a zen-like quality to her on-set presence, calm and efficient. She excels in both natural and studio lighting and is able to execute her client’s vision across a wide spectrum of work.

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Sarah Hone

It’s wonderful when someone is able to make their passion in life a part of their livelihood, and Sarah embodies that ideal. She might be new to the OMS team, but her organized, self-starter approach has allowed her to flourish here quickly. Focusing on food with a knack for clean, simple styling, Sarah can shop, prop, and shoot in one day, all while being attuned to the client’s needs and aesthetic.

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Jake Anderson

Jake started out as everything you want in an assistant and much more. So much more, in fact, that he’s quickly pushed his way into a shooting role and has no intention of letting up. His passion for photography runs deep, and he spends any free time in the studio and around the world exploring his craft – last stop Myanmar.

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