Shon Curtis – Dayton Photographer

An accomplished poet, musician, and all-around creative, Shon Curtis brings a fresh perspective to photography, including OMS. Located in Dayton, OH, he's a short trip away from our main studio in Cincinnati and is happy to work out of both spaces. Shon's approach to photography draws out the characters of his subject in a refreshing way. In one conversation, you'll soon find yourself knee-deep in the latest reality shows and the nature of reality — it's a genuine delight. Shon's process begins by getting to know your story, favorite playlists, creative interests and works with you to make a mood board. Once he understands you, he grabs that camera, and well, some real magic happens. His dedication to the process yields solid results every time. Already an accomplished portrait photographer, Shon is eager to branch out his photography skills into product and food photography.

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Man siting for portrait in chair.