Architecture Photography

Interior architecture of an apartment living room

Photos are what architects can use to let the world understand their talent. Images have the power to immediately validate their work for all to see. Whether you’re focused on exteriors or interiors, architectural photography focuses on capturing design features balanced with the atmospheres of the space. Our photographers have an exceptional understanding of compositions, lighting conditions, vertical and horizontal sight lines, and identifying architectural features. When we set out to capture a building, we know there are often years of designs and careful decisions that go into every visual element. We believe in honoring and documenting that effort, with outstanding photography.

Interior Photography

Interior shots often capitalize on the ambient light and wide-angle lenses. What this requires is planning the best time of day for each room and a firm understanding of photo-editing for correcting lens distortions. OMS raises the bar by having a full-time retouching team that works alongside all of our photographers. Having them on the back-end makes sure we can take excellent photography to an unparalleled level.

Exterior Photography

Exterior architectural photography capitalizes on weather conditions, nearby natural features, and the entire area around of the building. When photographing outdoors, our photographers focus on the sight lines and design features to portray the emotion of a building. Armed with an array of lenses, including tilt-shift lenses, and some of the best equipment on the market our photographers can get any shot desired.
We have experience working inside and outside modern buildings, workspaces, residential buildings, educational spaces, healthcare facilities, retail environments, and even government offices.