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Chocolate Photographers

Sweet and delicious chocolate has a complete experience where the eye is unable to see everything. From taste and smell to texture chocolate is a multi-level sensory experience. To portray that experience in a single image requires an excellent photographer with a unique understanding of food styling. Unlike other food, this coca-based treat doesn’t glisten with glory out of the box. It’s a delicate substance prone to blemishes and melting. Whether it’s dark, milk, or white chocolate, it needs to handled with care.

A History with Chocolate

For years we’ve had the pleasure of working with Hershey’s chocolate and other brands in the candy industry. With that experience, our photographer’s know all the in and outs of capturing chocolate to meet specific packaging, advertising, and every kind of marketing need. From splashing and falling chocolate to the precision-designed idea, there has not been a challenge we haven’t met.

Photo-Retouching and Chocolate

We have to face it head-on. Chocolate, even created with precision, will have blemishes when you put it under the focus of our 100mp cameras. The best way to ensure you get the perfect and natural looking result is with photo retouching.

We have three full-time retouchers on staff who work with our photographers every day. Our team behind the scenes allows our chocolate photographers to shoot with next steps in mind, getting multiple exposures, capturing every detail, and delivering everything a retoucher could need. From there, they can clean up every spec and make it look perfect while maintaining its natural chocolate goodness.