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Creating a brand identity with personality

A person is on the other side of every sale or interaction. Someone who wants to take a view of their life with your product, company, or you. Every person wants to see the future before taking a single step.

When advertisers use authentic people in their photography it cultivates a deeper identity. Working with amazing models or real people, it takes a collaborative workflow to execute this kind of photography. The key is focusing on discovering the right moments where expressions and composition align. We photograph everything including lifestyle, athlete, beauty, fashion, and portraits.

From big productions down to every expression

Whether it’s a lifestyle shoot or a portrait, being organized is the way to make it happen. It’s easy to get bogged down by questions like; Will I look good enough? Will the photographers make everything look as good as it should? Can they manage models? Can they make it work in my office? Going with experienced professionals with years of experience is the best answer.

Excellent photographers understand the best lighting techniques, perspectives, and most importantly they know how to connect with their subjects. Whether it’s a shoot in the studio or on location, OMS photographers are ready.

Then it’s about having a team of experienced retouchers behind the scenes. Photo retouching in regards to people photography has become a sensitive subject over time. At OMS, we value the client’s input to deliver images they desire, the way they want them. We don’t believe in putting only our spin on the final product but executing the vision of our clients.  We’ll do everything from fixing blemishes to photo compositing an entire scene. Any dream can become a reality.

First Floor Studio at OMS Photo

Shoot at our studio

The OMS studio has three main shooting spaces, each with different characteristics. From the open to the intimate, our studio spaces feature makeup areas and more. We take our photography seriously and have spaces that reflect it. Not only do they look beautiful but are designed to help everyone relax.

Behind the Scenes on a complicated shoot with people

The Production Behind the Scenes

Photography with people requires a polished production. Our dedicated production team helps you plan for your shoot, finding the perfect models, settings, wardrobe stylists, makeup stylists, meals for the day, and of course selecting the right photographer to make it all happen. We’ll figure out all the details while keeping the budgets in check.

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An Introduction To OMS Photo

View a preview of our photographers work, meet the entire team, and explore our studio. Download this document and feel free to request a high-quality print version today.

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