Pro Football Hall of Fame, ESPN & NFL Super Bowl Rings

Behind The Scenes 

The partnership with OMS & ESPN started in 2019 when they sought a photography team to capture 360-degree imagery of their 53 Super Bowl rings for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The OMS team jumped in our cargo van and headed over to Canton, OH, to participate in this historic event.

After successfully cataloging and editing over 7,500 images, ESPN asked OMS to be their official Super Bowl ring partner. This means every year, we have the honor of capturing the winning team’s ring in a 360-photo format.

Our goal for the shoots is to make each ring feel special. We want to showcase the innate beauty and distinct features that make each ring unique. Ultimately, we aim to recognize its significance – as influential as the team who earned it.

Check out the rings on ESPN’s site here: 

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