Welcome AaronVan! Hello Orlando Florida

Now more than ever, it’s been essential to pull together as a group and community and support each other with what we have to offer. During COVID-19, everyone has seen a lot of changes. At OMS, we’ve decided to pursue a new approach by starting to represent more photographers in different cities. 

With this new initiative, we are happy to announce the first further expansion to our team, AaronVan!

Based in Orlando, Florida, AaronVan is a masterful photographer in the commercial food and beverage industry. His story and approach to design are what drew us together. In 2015 he left behind his 20-year career in advertising and moved to his lifelong passion for photography. His artistic eye for composition and ability to execute makes him one of the best photographers in Orlando. One personality trait we enjoy the most about Aaron is his voracious appetite to learn. He is always ready to try new creative approaches with enthusiasm.

In addition to Aaron, he also brings his talented assistant Juliet Dilenno to the team. 

“I am always looking for others who have such pride and respect for creating high-quality work, and I am excited to have found that in OMS Photo! After years of building AaronVan Photography on my own, I’m thrilled to join a group of like-minded and talented people. I look forward to collaborating on the highest quality imagery for the marketplace.“


By bringing Aaron on board, OMS Photo can efficiently work with brands in Orlando and Florida. It feels exciting during these tough times to become a community member of the sunshine state. 

Enjoy some of Aaron’s fantastic food and drink portfolio and contact us today to learn more about what OMS can offer Orlando!