Our reclaimed firehouse studio space has a 99-year head start on OMS. Formed in 1989 OMS has been a leading imaging and production company that offers a full range of image-based creative services- photography, digital editing, motion, animation, photo-illustration, and more. The marriage between efficient process and firm aesthetics is at the heart of our business and the central core value that drives our every decision.

Since our founding, OMS led the industry into the digital age, yet through all the growth and evolution one thing has remained constant: the illuminating and on-target imagery we create for top agencies, corporations, and institutional accounts.

Commercial Photographers

Digital Department

Scott Burchett
Senior Retoucher & Partner

Charles Cronley
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Lisa Cape
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Will Reblando
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Jack Sullivan
Digital Retoucher & Artist

Paul Lanterman
Creative Tech

Joshua Bray
Director + Video Editor

Production Team

Nancy Armstrong

Molly Alderson
Director of Marketing

Anna Jones
Digital Production Manager

Darlene Caudill

Melissa Mileto
Food Stylist

Krys Hackett
Photo Assistant (Cincinnati)

Delaney McQuown
Photo Assistant (Cincinnati)

Matt Milburn
Photo Assistant (Cincinnati)

Danny Vaughan
Photo Assistant (Denver)