Ice Cream Video Shoot: A Robot Arm, A Red Camera, and a Cherry on Top

We love breaking in new equipment on a food shoot. The preparation and presentation of food can be so dynamic. Recently our studio acquired a robotic arm by to take our video production to the next level. We attached our Red Camera to the robot and have it maneuvering around the set. The scale of control and consistency allows our videographer, Jake Anderson, to create videos that look unreal.

The robot has caused a jolt of enthusiasm around here, so we invited our friend and food stylist Jen Straus to experience the fun. We prize her creative input on every shoot we have her. Exploring the parts of creating an ice cream sundae, Jen and Jake created an amazing short video.

Enjoy the video and some behind the scenes images.

This kind of video can be great for national ads, social media campaigns, and more — interested in seeing something like as apart of your social feed?

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