Wine Photography with Sarah Hone

Our photographer Sarah Hone recently completed a fantastic exploratory shoot with white and rose wines. Featuring beautiful pours, charcuterie boards, and vibrant colors, Sarah captured the unique style of these wines. The series features the wines of Ava Grace, whose colorful designs opened up a variety of possibilities for Sarah to explore.

“I was encouraged to choose wine bottles that inspired me for the technical exploration idea I had. It was refreshing to be permitted to create something for myself based on my direction.

With Party Source just over the river, I meandered down the aisles picking up and rotating numerous bottles in my hands for what seemed like hours. There were many beautiful shapes and designs to choose from, but there was something about the art deco feel of the Ava Grace wines that sparked a vision. Without looking at their website or social platforms, I searched around our prop room, pulling plates, glasses, and textiles that I thought paired well with the design of the bottles. I was able to achieve this somewhat sultry series by using a light modifier I created out of foam core and experimenting with flash duration. The wine pours and splashes were like short dances with liquid. I loved capturing how they gleamed, glistened, and wiggled.

When I finished was when I allowed myself to see how Ava Grace branded themselves. I wasn’t too surprised to see my vision wasn’t so far off from theirs. I love how they combine soft neutral colors with nature.”

Sarah Hone

Going behind the scenes, this photo was an interesting process to achieve. Most of the splash you see in the image was actually thrown up from the cup rather than poured. Later by working on different pours and exposures, many images became one. See the process with our before and after slider.

Wine pour before photo retouching Wine pour after photo retouching

The rest of the images became a great series that we are happy to share.

Enjoy the gallery.