Cincinnati Photography Studio

Fire house studio for OMS Photo

A Turn of the Century Firehouse Turned Studio

When it comes to the studio, we believe in creating spaces where photographers and clients can execute their work.

OMS hasn’t always been in our current firehouse studio, but when we took it over in 2007, we renovated it with our specific needs in mind. The sweeping 12,000-square-foot building houses three unique shooting spaces. Located in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, just a few miles outside the city center, this studio is the place where visions become reality.

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3 Shooting Spaces, 3 Kitchens, and 1 Digital Department

Each Shooting Space Has

A professional kitchen

Each kitchen has everything a food stylist or chef would need. Ovens, ranges, ample prep areas, refrigerators, freezers, all types of cooking equipment, utensils, and more. Even fryers!

A client work area

Each space has an area for clients, with snacks, beverages, high-speed wi-fi, and access to high-def screens where photographers can show their work in progress. You will actually get work done while we execute your shoot.

A closed set option

Have a product that requires discretion? Each floor is an excellent space for privacy. We can lock the doors, draw the curtains, and have only designated people enter. The entire OMS staff has signed a non-disclosure agreement for all clients that work with us. Just let us know in advance if this is something you need.

First Floor Studio

The first floor studio has been remodeled multiple times to increase our capabilities and become a more beautiful space. The most recent renovation, completed in April of 2018, transformed it to an awe-inspiring option for beauty, product, and lifestyle photography. Its state-of-the-art modern kitchen now gives it the capacity for full-scale food shoots.
A Cyc wall that expands the entire room.
From the expansive southward-facing windows to the top of the ceiling across the room holds one connected swooping wall. It’s essentially like working in a room-sized backdrop. This space easily accommodates cars and fashion shoots alike. Tucked away behind the swooping Cyc wall is a makeup area designed up for stylists and models.
First Floor Studio at OMS Photo

Second Floor Studio

The second floor studio houses an open floor plan which allows for a variety of flexible setups. It fits the need for a large number of props, multiple sets at once, and areas for stylists to work. This studio is perfect for photographers to spread out and utilize every inch as needed. This studio space is beloved by clients and often known for feeling relaxing and engaging at the same time.

Second floor studio at OMS Photo 1
Second Floor Photo Studio Kitchen

Third Floor Studio

The third floor is the smallest of our studios, but it’s flooded by multiple skylights, filling it with a shower of natural light. This makes the space versatile for a variety of products, from e-commerce to food. Due to the smaller space, it’s great for cultivating a collaborative and hands-on approach.

The third floor studio at oms photo
Small cometics makeup arranged on a white background - Cosmetics photography

Digital Department

You’ll find that a separate area of the third floor also houses our digital department. Having a full retouching team onsite means that photographers and clients can visit and collaborate with everyone directly. We can discuss your ideas for shots and understand what’s feasible. It also means that digital team members can come to your shoot and help give input on the process.

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