Savoring the Shot: How Food Styling Elevates the Appetite Appeal in Photography

Are you looking to tell your food or drink product story in a new and captivating way? Do you feel like your product or food photography is falling flat? It may be because you need a professional food stylist to help enhance your photography and videography assets. 

A professional food stylist’s role is to understand the best way to visually represent your brand creatively in a relevant way and establish a meaningful connection with your customer. It is through the skilled hands of a food stylist that ingredients can be transformed, and products can shine.

Below are a few ways the OMS team works with food stylists:

In-House Food Stylists

At OMS, we recognize the transformative potential of food styling, and our in-house food stylist, Melissa Mileto, exemplifies this mastery. With meticulous attention to detail, Melissa arranges ingredients, coordinates colors, and employs creative plating techniques to craft stunning visual masterpieces. These culinary creations represent our customers’ brands and resonate deeply with their audiences, leaving a lasting impression beyond taste.

Here is an example of Melissa’s craft in motion:

Collaborating with Freelance Food Stylists

 In addition to our in-house talent, OMS has the privilege of working with several freelance food stylists. This collaborative relationship enables us to provide diverse perspectives and cater to our client’s unique needs. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Ricky Moores, a longtime freelance food stylist and trusted partner. Ricky, a visionary in his craft, approached us with a concept to explore Tiffany’s iconic brand through the artful combination of color and food styling.

Driven by Ricky’s vision, the OMS team, including director Tj Vissing, cinematographer Josh Bray, and creative tech Paul Lanterman, embarked on a test shoot to bring the concept to life. The result was a breathtaking showcase of the power of food styling, seamlessly blending artistry, culinary expertise, and a distinctive brand strategy. The accompanying video captured the essence of the collaboration, revealing the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and flavor.

Whether looking for a fresh perspective on presenting your product, enhancing your photography and videography across platforms, or launching a new SKU, OMS can help make your vision a reality. Contact us today, and we’ll find the perfect food stylist for your next production.