Golf Apparel Photography and Video for KJUS

In the middle of 2019, the international golf apparel brand KJUS approached OMS Photo. The American branch of KJUS was on a mission to create a new apparel photography library for their spring 2020 catalog. The KJUS team had over 300 products in need of original assets, and for their best selling items, they needed lifestyle photography and video. Initially, they searched for individual photographers and video production houses to facilitate each aspect. When they came across Brent Taylor’s portfolio in Denver, Colorado, they knew he would be an excellent fit for all their ecommerce needs. After discussing their initial ideas with OMS Photo, we decided to present Monty Milburn’s portfolio to the KJUS team for their lifestyle needs and Jake Anderson’s portfolio for their video needs. With a digital retouching team to boot, it wasn’t long before KJUS came to see OMS as a central source for all their asset creation needs.

Apparel Ecommerce Photography

The first focus was the website and e-retailers’ need for their updated catalog with over 300 items to tackle. 250 garments needed to be photographed front and back on a mannequin and retouched to be “hollow.” Also, 50 garments would be photographed on a model. Brent ultimately spent a little over seven days in the studio, shooting all the products with his crew. Each day the files would be uploaded and shared with our retouching team in Cincinnati to get to work.

The clothes were for men, women, and children, including shirts, coats, and pants. All KJUS products are premium apparel items that expect a high-end look with a polished output. In post-production, 130 products would also receive digital-colorways work by our retouching team to increase the number of images for the catalog without extending time in the studio. Check out our colorways page for an explainer on that process

Enjoy a collection of studio photos here.

Lifestyle Photography + Video Shoot

While the studio work was underway, OMS began planning a 4-day shoot with KJUS to travel to a striking golf course in Wisconsin. The event would be a lifestyle shoot, video shoot, and drone shoot happening in both waves and simultaneously to maximize the four days. They experienced much rainfall throughout the shoot, which was ideal for KJUS’s variety of rain gear they wanted to document. Though this caused some hurdles with the crew, the final results look stunning.

Leading the photography and art direction was Monty Milburn. His years of experience with models, working on-locations, and art direction abilities allowed him to lead the shoot with ease. Working alongside Monty was our director/videographer, Jake Anderson. Jake’s keen eye for composition and history working with Monty helped them gather some fantastic footage.

Enjoy a collection of photos from the day and a rain reel showing off some of the excellent assets we could create.

The KJUS team was pleased with the results and has already returned to OMS for their continually growing needs.