How to Style a Commercial Photoshoot Wardrobe in 6 Easy Steps

Wardrobe styling is an important aspect of any commercial photoshoot. Without a cohesive wardrobe, the final product can look staged, incomplete, and off-brand. Maya Collins, our Production Assistant and a wonderfully talented Wardrobe Stylist, offers their advice on steps to style a wardrobe for a large-scale commercial photoshoot.

  1. Evaluate the brand’s look & feel: First and foremost it’s important to capture the brand’s look & feel. What are their core colors? Are they edgy, soft, modern, conservative, neutral? It’s important to factor their personality into each wardrobe piece. For example, when working with Bounce, their look & feel was very bright & colorful. As a dryer sheet, the look of the clothes is the most important aspect of the shoot. For this photoshoot, bright colors made sense to match their red/orange logo and highlight the purpose of the product (image seen above).
  1. Source broad and then narrow in: It’s important to start with a variety of options on either end of the spectrum. Get more playful than you expect the client to align with while also sourcing more conservatively. This gives the client room to change direction as they see fit – there’s a chance they’ll see an item you sourced and want to go in a different direction. It’s great to already have some options that follow their new direction to save time.
  2. Making the models comfortable is the most important: The models are what make the photos. If they don’t feel comfortable in the clothes they’re wearing, more often than not it’ll show in the final images. It’s always a good idea to ask the models if they have any clothes they’d like to wear during the shoot and see if those items will fit in with what the client is looking for. This could also mean accessories! Small touches directly from the closet make the models feel more like themselves on set.
  3. Take high quality photos of the clothing items to share with the client: When showcasing the items you’ve sourced for a shoot to a client through photographs, it’s important to showcase the clothes in their top quality. I.e., what they’ll look like on the day of the shoot. Steam, iron, and arrange in a way that makes them look the most appealing. Most importantly, show off your hard work!
  4. Be early and be prepared: Part of the job is to be early and make sure everything is ready to go. That means hanging clothes, steaming, and organizing so that outfit changes are easy and options are available. You’ll want to have all of this complete before the talent arrives.
  5. Pay attention to detail: Part of your role on set is to make sure the clothing fits and looks great throughout the shoot. This could mean watching out for wrinkles, making sure a shirt tuck looks consistent, lint rolling, etc. This takes that responsibility off of the photographer so they can focus on the image itself. The secret to landing a consistent freelance gig is making everyone else’s job easier!

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