OMS at the 2024 Boston Run Show

This year, the OMS team joined over 10,000 attendees at the 2024 Boston Run Show. Renowned as the ultimate “home for runners,” this event united running enthusiasts and offered a comprehensive showcase of speakers and a showcase of cutting-edge technology, gear, and nutrition products. As the largest gathering for the running community, the Boston Run Show is strategically timed to kick off the race season. 

You may be curious about why a group of photographers would go to a show for runners. Are we working on our fitness for an upcoming running shoot, or promoting the new OMS Running Club? 

The truth is, our presence at the 2024 Boston Run Show was deliberate and purposeful. We attended to witness firsthand the latest innovations in athletic apparel and performance spaces, aligning with our commitment to stay at the forefront of creative industry trends. By immersing ourselves in this environment, we aimed to better understand and support our current clients’ business as well as explore new partnership opportunities. 

As photographers, videographers, and retouchers, understanding the evolving landscape of sports and fitness not only enriches our skill set but also enables us to capture the essence of athleticism with precision and relevance. Attending the show was just one way to showcase our commitment to continuous improvement of our skills and pursuit of excellence in sports photography. 

We loved our time in Boston and interacting with some of the leading brands in the athletic apparel space. And who knows, maybe you’ll see the OMS Run Club cruising down the streets of Northside soon. 

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OMS Photo at the 2024 Boston Run Show