5 Reasons Why High Quality E-Commerce Photography Can Elevate Your Brand

The importance of quality photography cannot be understated. As shoppers are buying items online more often than in store, it’s their first interaction and impression with your products. Through your photography you need to show consumers the quality of your products and give them a clear image of what they’ll receive. Bad photography ultimately can lead to a bad consumer experience. Below are five key reasons why high quality e-commerce photography is vital:

  1. Grab attention among the digital noise. As selling items online becomes more and more accessible, that means your competition is steep. In order to stand out it’s important to have high quality images that showcase every element of the products you are trying to sell.
  2. Increase conversion. Quality imagery increases your visibility and SEO. By increasing your visibility, you can increase conversion. Quality imagery takes your consumers from prospective buyers to purchasers with fewer touch points along the way.
  3. Show your quality. Quality images portray a quality product. Blurry images leave too much up for speculation. Show your consumers every angle, the small details, and use cases for your product to showcase just how high quality your products really are. If your company is putting in the effort to create a quality product, make sure you have the photography of those products to back it up.
  4. Build trust with your customers. Showcasing your products as true to form as possible instills confidence in your customers that the products they receive will be exactly what they expect. 
  5. Jazz up your website. E-commerce photography doesn’t mean just your product on a white background! Add some extra flair to your e-commerce imagery using colors and props that help portray your product in its real-life environment. Lifestyle photography is a great additional level to achieve in order to create authenticity and show consumers where/when the product can be used.

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