OMS Photographer Delaney McQuown Wins The Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers

OMS Photographer and Photo Assistant Delaney McQuown wins the prestigious Claire Aho Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award.

Delaney’s B.L.T. Contemplation is a tribute to her overall photography mission as a young female talent.

Delaney McQuown says: “This photograph is part of my ongoing self-portrait project, urging women to find liberation through unidealised self-images. Excessive self-documentation fosters familiarity, enabling women to exist unapologetically in photos. Capturing myself eating a BLT without inhibition felt fitting, given the complex relationships women often have with their bodies and food. I’m passionate about women embracing their cameras, leading to liberation and self-love.’ Category: Claire Aho award for women photographers”.

The Pink Lady Food Photography of the Year Awards celebrates photographers who bring a
fresh perspective to the world of food photography, highlighting beauty, diversity, and cultural
significance around the globe.

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