Production Paradise Features OMS Owner and Photographer Monty Milburn and Director Josh Bray in People & Lifestyle Spotlight Magazine

Publication: Production Paradise People & Lifestyle Spotlight Magazine

Photographer: Monty Milburn

Photo Retoucher & Digital Artist: Will Relando

Director & Video Editor: Josh Bray

For over 30 years, OMS Photography has been a leading partner to brands and agencies across categories like food, drink, and product. And one thing they all have in common is a need for lifestyle photography and videography.

“Our team understands the importance of helping add an element of humanity to a brand’s strategy.

With an intuitive eye, our team is known for capturing unfiltered moments of joy and genuine emotion. Through their lens, they take seemingly ordinary moments, shine a unique light on them, and help weave a storyline of the humanity behind products and brands.”

OMS Photographers help remind viewers that joy isn’t found in the flawless but in the genuine.

Lifestyle of a woman blowing bubbles
Camping with hammock and beer
Lifestyle of a young couple enjoying breakfast - lifestyle photography
A woman laughing holding a magazine - lifestyle photography
Woman laughing at a dinner party - - lifestyle photography
A boy playing with toys at sink in a modern designed kictchen - lifestyle photography
Lifestyle shot of a woman jumping on rocks on a beach - lifestyle photography

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