Textures, Swipes & Swatches – Showcasing P&G Products in a New Light

Sarah Hone, lead photographer at the OMS P&G OnSite Studio, recently explored a new way to showcase some of P&G’s most notable products. With a design background and a passion for exploring the unknown, Sarah’s curiosity led her to capture over 20 textures with different styles, treatments and backgrounds. 

“I knew I wanted to showcase the brands without the packaging because the packaging design changes so frequently) and I started with the Olay eye cream and gel textures because they were so dreamy to play with!” stated Sarah when asked about the project. 

Sarah also called out the power of a great swipe artist and retoucher. The swipe/texture artist was OMS’s Delaney McQuown and retoucher Lisa Cape. 

Enjoy the final shots and styles from this powerhouse OMS team.

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