Amazon’s Most Successful Prime Day Has Come and Gone – How Did You Do? 

How to use E-commerce photography and videography to win during the next Prime Day  

With over 375 million items sold and over $12.7B in sales, this summer’s Amazon Prime Day was the most successful one in history.

How can you prepare your brand or product for this fall’s Prime Day (slated for October 11 – 12, 2023)? 

Here are 3 ways that updating your photography/video assets can strengthen your brand presence, listing and advertising efforts to stand out against competitors, captivate audiences and win during Amazon Prime Day. 

Step 1 – Driving Discovery Through Lifestyle Imagery in Display Advertising

If you plan on a paid advertising investment during Prime Day consider utilizing lifestyle product imagery in your Amazon Ads.

Placing your products in real-life scenarios is a powerful storytelling tool to engage with customers. Clear, detailed, and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle images create a sense of transparency and authenticity, instill confidence in the viewer, and position your business as trustworthy and reliable. 

Step Two – Enhance Your Consumers Journey by Utilizing Video on Your Brand Shop and Store Front Pages 

The Amazon Brand Shop Page (or Amazon Brand Store) serves as a valuable platform for brands to showcase offerings and create an immersive shopping experience for customers.

Consider incorporating videos, along side your lifestyle imagery, within your Brand Shop Page to elevate your brand’s presence, especially during Prime Day. Video content is one of the best ways to communicate your brand’s story, showcase your product’s value, and provide context on how your brand or product can fit into your customer’s life. 

A well-crafted video can be a game-changer in influencing consumer decisions. 

Step Three – Drive Purchases by Showcasing the Highest Quality E-commerce Photography/Videography

When it comes to driving conversions and sales during Prime Day, the quality of your E-commerce photography and videography on your Product Detail Pages are essential. Compelling product images lead to increased conversions. If a customer sees a product online that is blurry, poorly lit, or looking computer generated, they’ll likely move on to a competitor with a more visually appealing presentation. 

For photography of your products – incorporate close-ups to highlight intricate details, and consider 360 product photography to give customers a comprehensive understanding of the item. 

For product videos, focus on high production quality, ensuring clear visuals and smooth transitions. 

Your product’s detail page is the last touch point before a consumer decides to purchase, so make sure the interaction counts. 

Conclusion // TLDR: 

As the dust settles on the most successful Amazon Prime Day, it’s time to prepare your brand for the next. How?

  • Using lifestyle imagery to create an emotional connection with your audience
  • employing video content to provide an immersive brand experience
  • Investing in high-quality product imagery/videos to boost customer confidence and conversions

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