Video Editing

Directors & Editors Under One Roof

Creating a professional video requires undivided attention and thorough planning. At every milestone, from ideation to the final cut, we utilize a meticulous eye for detail to bring your vision to life. Our video editors polish, design, and assemble assets into an engaging and captivating videos that will amplify your brand.

Color Grading

Videos Require Time and Commitment

Turning a video into a polished, finished product takes time, skill, and patience. In the industry, video editing requires close to 10 hours of labor for every minute of final video output. With OMS, our in-house video editing allows you to streamline the process of bringing your creative vision to life.

We make sure your brand messaging stays consistent and resonates with your audience. Our team performs the heavy lifting, providing you with multiple rough cuts to make sure the final product is crisp, clear, and reflects your brand’s unique value.

Video Editing Process Map

Log Footage

Upload footage, organize it on the server and back it up.

Rough Cut 1

This is the first assembly of the edit. Rough because we want alignment from creatives and clients on this first pass.

  • Video: 1st Pass
  • Music: 1st Pass
  • Story: 1st Pass (VO Scratch, Interviews Developing)
  • GFX: On Hold
  • SFX: On Hold
  • COLOR: On Hold

Fine Cut 1

The video is looking tight. Music is locked and edits become refined to the rhythm.

  • Video: 3rd Pass
  • Music: Locked
  • Story: Locked (Adding in VO Talent, Interviews Locked)
  • GFX: Example (Graphics/Animation)
  • SFX: 1st Pass
  • COLOR: Example

Final Deliverable

Everything is locked. Just finishing up audio & final color.

  • Video: Locked
  • Music: Locked
  • Story: Locked
  • GFX: Locked
  • SFX: Locked (Audio Mixed/Sweetened/Sound Designed)
  • COLOR: Locked (Realign Colored Clips and Ship Out)

Pull Selects

First step of the editing process. This is where you pick the best-of-the-best footage, audio bites and B Roll.

Rough Cut 2

By this time we have alignment on where the video is going and start ironing out details.

  • Video: 2nd Pass
  • Music: 2nd Pass
  • Story: 2nd Pass (VO Scratch, Interviews Developing)
  • GFX: FPO
  • SFX: On Hold
  • COLOR: On Hold

Fine Cut 2

Almost to the finished piece! Make sure client is good with all visuals video. Then finish the audio and move onto color.

  • Video: Looking for Picture Lock
  • Music: Locked
  • Story: Locked (Added VO Talent, Interviews Locked)
  • GFX: Approved & Moving Forward
  • SFX: 2nd Pass
  • COLOR: Approved & Moving Forward

At OMS, our curated team of storytellers and visionaries work closely with you to help uplift your brand. Headed by Joshua Bray, our in-house editing team works hard to ensure you have what you need when you need it. Combined with their knowledge of current trends, we make sure the final result is one that makes a positive impact with your audience, helping you build stronger relationships.

For over 3 years we’ve been creating eye catching videos for clients like Kroger, LPK, and Saatchi & Saatchi, using an approach that is organized and efficient, while emphasizing creativity. From creating the initial outline to post-production, your vision is always at the forefront of the project. We even archive your files for no additional cost, so they’re available for any future needs.

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