Video Marketing, 2024’s Visual Currency

Since 2014, Wyzowl has published “The State of Video Marketing” report. This year’s report stated that “91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023”. This shift from 2022 has moved video from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for brands looking to remain competitive online. 

Based on the report, the businesses who did not use video as a marketing tool said it was because they: 

  • 30% lacked the time to create video content 
  • 18% didn’t know where to start
  • 10% were unable to convince key decision-makers of the need to invest 
  • 10% feel that video is too expensive 

Having been in the industry for over 30+ years, we understand the difficulty of keeping up with the changing marketing landscape that brands face. And while change can be overwhelming, the team at OMS is here to help map out your brand’s content and storytelling needs. We want to address the outlined video barriers facing customers in 2023 to prepare brands for the 2024 video world. 

If you “don’t know where to start”:

  • Ask friends, family, and colleagues where they started. Do they have recommendations on video partners they’ve used in the past? 
  • Search for video partners in your area or the business field you are in, and check out their work. A video production partner should include examples showcasing their abilities on their website or social media accounts.
    • If you are in the people business, make sure your selected production partner has examples of highlighting/featuring people in the style you are looking for 
    • The product may seem easy to capture, but telling a good story takes a talented team that understands the lighting, motion, and positioning needed
  • Once you find a partner you like, ask for an introduction call. A qualified team of partners will be eager to meet your team, learn more about your video needs, and introduce you to their team. You should ensure your teams meld well together because you could work with this team for an extended period, depending on your video needs. 

If you have a team in mind but “don’t have time to create content”: 

  • Lean on your selected production team! Your team should be able to help you map out your story and provide their expert opinion on important details like location, casting, propping, etc.
    • Depending on your team’s experience, they will likely have outside partners to help with some heavy creative lifting – outside the studio. For example, we have close, long-running connections with storyboard artists, scriptwriters, voice talent, and more at OMS
  • Work with the producer to understand the steps of the video production process. At OMS, we know our partners are busy. Therefore, we ensure our meetings are efficient and concise. Depending on the client’s needs, our in-house production team handles all elements of the process, including:
    • Developing/brainstorming the final shot list 
    • Location scouting & location booking  
    • Casting 
    • Wardrobe
    • Makeup  
    • Props 
    • Set/styling 
    • Crew 

Your team will be brought in along the way to provide feedback/approval but will only need to be a part of the logistics if you’d like to be. 

Regarding post-production, you should be able to rely on your team to handle it in-house. At OMS, our team is in-house, so our team connects directly with the editing team to ensure all shoot notes are communicated accordingly. Our in-house editors can help with: 

  • Editing, including required cutdowns 
  • Color correction/mixing 
  • Sound design, mixing, and licensing 
  • Music Licensing 
  • Final export 

If you “are unable to convince key decision makers of the need to invest or feel that video is too expensive”: 

  • Contact your production partner and ask them if they can conduct a test with you. The test output will give you a creative idea and direction that you can bring to your team to request funding. 
  • Regarding funding, ask your producer to provide a few different estimates for your team to review. At OMS, we call it “good,” “better,” and “best.” While we pride ourselves in exceptional quality, there are often areas where we can find cost savings when necessary. We are happy to provide a scaled estimate to meet your budgetary needs if needed. 

Stay caught up in 2024 – start talking to your organization about the need for video content to promote your business. , when you are ready, contact us today to learn more. 

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