Case Study: A Visual Toast to Cantera Negra

Cantera Negra, an ultra-premium tequila brand, has dedicated a decade to honing its craft, creating some of the most exquisite tequilas available. When the Cantera team was ready to enter the market, they turned to OMS for assistance in launching their brand and capturing their bottles. Following a successful debut, they selected us as their dedicated production partner, collaborating on an as-needed basis for new product launches, social media campaigns, and website image updates.

Together, we’ve crafted distinctive visual identities for each of their tequila lines, generating captivating content in the process.

Our Cantera Negra partnership has allowed us to flex our creative muscles and help a fantastic team bring their brand and products to life. Cheers!

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Services include in this case study:

Account Management, Product Inventory Management, Production, E-Commerece Photography, Product Photography, Video Capture, Video Editing, Retouching, Editing, File Management and Delivery