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A glass of wine pouring into a glass - drink photography

Photographing Drinks Responsibly

Great drink photography captures the indefinable qualities of liquids and the lifestyle around them. Similar to food photography, drink photography can incorporate food stylists, mixologists, and more to create a final image. What places beverages and liquids in their category is the mesmerizing effects of excellent lighting. When every vibrant color, bubble, condensation effect, or swirl is dramatically lit, the drink is elevated to new heights.

Photographing the multi-faceted nature of liquids requires thoughtful consideration of the vessel, appropriate drinkware, the right mixologist or stylist, a well-planned production, and a skilled photographer. What ever the liquid, OMS Photo is here to help with everything. We are happy to shoot all types of drink and liquid photography, including beer, wine, liquor & cocktails, splashes & pours, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Join Our Drink and Liquid Photography Shoots

Our goal is to validate the inspiring brands we photograph. To understand the message and the story, we always welcome our clients on set. You can feel free to come to any shoot with their product and offer up your insights and ideas. You can also request a studio tour at any time while considering our services.

Drink and liquids are amazingly open to interpretation. There are a variety of glasses to pick, props to try, and ingredients to incorporate in every shoot. Feel free to explore your options with our producers and photographers.

Or Send Everything To Us

If that’s not your style, you can simply send us the ingredients or finished products, and we’ll handle everything. We will stay in touch during the shoot, letting you know how it is going and everything else as we deliver the finished work.

We can even travel to shoot at your location, be it near or far.

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More than Photography

Black Butte Whiskey with a glass

Retouching Drink Photos

Photo retouching (editing) is essential for any successful drink shoot. To capture all the elements to have the right lighting usually requires multiple exposures where each photo has a unique highlight to incorporate. Our in-house retouching team makes OMS uniquely capable of executing high-end drink photography needs for Cincinnati and Denver.

A group of friends playing jenga with rum -- lifestyle drink photography

Producing A Drink Shoot

The final photos are as good as you plan. Our dedicated production team helps you plan for your drink shoot, finding the perfect mixologist, food stylist, props, and of course, selecting the right photographer to make it all happen; all while keeping your budgets in check. We even have an extensive prop storage area to store your favorite items (like glasses and plates) for a consistent look on future shoots.

A group of friends playing jenga with rum -- lifestyle drink photography

Video Capabilites

In addition to our photography capabilities, we offer high-end video production services. You can create nearly all the assets of your next campaign with us, giving you consistency and a cohesive look. Our unique tools include a robot video arm that can help create some of the most refreshing visuals you can imagine.

"As a startup looking for clean photos for our product launch, I could not have asked for a better company to work with. Their creative direction and ability to execute on concepts was exactly what we were looking for. Definitely plan on working with OMS in the future."

Brian Calvey
CEO, CydeKick

"OMS is a crew of extremely talented creatives. I say creatives because they really transcend photography. They are problem solvers and idea generators (and just nice people) who make the experience a whole lot more than having a photoshoot. Their work speaks for itself, beautifully. They are image makers I would recommend to anyone."

Tom Sgouris
Idea Thinkerupper / CCO, elemeno creative
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